Q: Are you planning to teach a workshop in (my city)?

A: All of my planned workshops are listed here on my website:  http://www.feliciaforte.com/new-index/#/workshops/  If you would like me teach a workshop your city, please have your local art school or workshop host email admin@feliciaforte.com.

Q: How can I purchase your work?

A: Email admin@feliciaforte.com to inquire about any painting not offered on my shop.  

Q: What materials do you paint on?

A: For large or more complete paintings I paint on either linen which I stretch and prime myself, or cradled wood panels also primed myself. For small works and studies I use Arches oil paper and small cradled wood panels.

Q: what medium do you use?

A:   50/50 gamsol and linseed oil medium. When I paint on the arches oil paper, I first wash it with this medium and a tiny bit of paint to tint. 

Q: What do you prime your canvas with?

A:  Acrylic Gesso, several thinned coats, and sand a bit to smooth at the end. When I use the Arches Oil Paper I do not prime it, it's made for oil painting and does not require it. 

Q: What palette do you use?

A: If you mean paint colors- Titanium White, Yellow Ochre, Cadmium Yellow, Cadmium Red, Quinacridone Red, Ultramarine Blue, Ivory Black. These are the staples, I will also add and subtract new colors depending on the painting in progress or whim.

If you mean Palette, I use several types of New Wave Palettes, the POSH model with the grey enamel being my favorite.

Q: What types of brushes do you use?

A:  Rosemary and Co. and I have organized a starter set of  brushes for my students. I use the Rosemary brushes in the student set as well as Princeton Ashley 5200F series bristle brushes. Usually starting with bristles and finishing with sable.

Q: Do you have an instructional video?

A: no

Q: How do you mix your skintones?

A: There is no easy answer to this, every painting, every portrait is different. If you do not wish to have formulaic paintings you must use observation and logic each time you mix a color.

Q: Where are you based?

A:  http://www.feliciaforte.com/felicia-forte/

Q: Where did you study?

A: The California Art Institute (now closed) and The Art Student's League of New York

Q: Do you have prints available?

A:  For the 2019 BP Portrait Award I have collaborated with The National Portrait Gallery in London on a series of three prints which may be purchased here.

Q: Do you draw with pencil or paint to start a painting?

A: 99.9% of the time I start with paint.

Q: Do you work from life or from photos?

A: I do both. But for teaching I always demo from life and require my students to paint from life. This is how I learned. Painting from photos, though convenient is actually much more difficult and not as informative when learning. 

Q: How long does a painting take you?

A: Three hours is the minimum amount of time I complete a painting in, like an all prima portrait or still life sketch. But I have spent days, weeks, or months on paintings. 

Q: Do you suggest any preparation leading up to attending your workshop?

A: It is not necessary to do anything beyond acquiring what is on the supply list. But... If you have time to look at my step by step examples on this website or my instagram account @feliciafortedemos and attempt some 3 hour all prima studies from life that will get you warmed up! Other than that try to cultivate a childlike attitude about learning something new... you may find yourself out of your comfort zone, that is where you learn!