Finding Your Voice

 Private Online Tutoring

time traveler, oil on canvas, 72x72.jpg

 Can you see one hundred ways to finish a painting but can't decide which is the right one?

Have you gained proficiency with your skill but still have a body of work that feels inconsistent?  

That's good, you are trying to find your authentic voice as an artist. I've learned that it's a combination of gut feeling, critical thinking, hard work and miles and miles of canvas. 

Recently more and more of my students and prospective students are asking for help in this part of the journey. And so, I've decided to give that help. 

There are no simple "tips", "tricks" or "magic bullets".

It's stern self observation and time that will be required.

I will NOT teach you how to paint like me. I will instead try to help you figure out how to paint like you. 

If you are hungry for that, this is for you. 


I will choose one student at a time for this type of tutoring. I will examine your application and if accepted, schedule an hour long "beginning of the month" Skype session with you to discuss our plan and my advice. You will have a month to put our plan into action. We will meet again at the end of the month to review for one hour. The minimum commitment is one month.

Tuition: 1 month - $600.00

              2 months - $1,000.00

              3 months - $1,400.00

To apply send:

  • 10 images in jpeg form of your current work
  • Two Paragraphs (NO MORE) describing where you are in your journey to find your voice. 
  • One paragraph describing where you want to be.
  • One paragraph explaining your influences: who is AMAZING to you?
  • List which month(s) you wish to apply for and what days of the week and times of the day you are available to schedule the Skype sessions for. Translate all your times to EST USA, if you do not you will miss your appointment! 

You must send all of this and nothing more to be considered. If I need more information to deliberate I will ask for it.

Send  your application to

You will receive notice wether or not I feel you are a good candidate for this type of instruction.