Private Online Instruction

Next availability: Winter 2019/2020


Felicia offers weekly online instruction to a limited number of students per month.

The fee is $95.00 per week with a minimum of four weeks to start. You will receive an assignment via email at the beginning of your week and a thirty minute private Skype critique at the end of your week. Expect approximately 5 hours of work per week, 3-4 hours painting and a bit more time organizing your files to send back to Felicia.

 Felicia is an inspired and creative teacher, she will create assignments tailored to the individual's needs and level of technical understanding. 

To apply send:

  • Three examples of your best work attached in .jpeg form. List size and medium in the body of your email.

  • One brief paragraph about what you wish to accomplish.

  • Your complete availability (times of year) to commence the minimum of four consecutive weeks of lessons; how many lessons you are requesting; the best days of the week& times of day for the weekly 30 minute Skype session.

    • Felicia is based in Detroit, Michigan,-please translate your times to Eastern Standard Time USA

  • Please do not send any additional information.

*If you are a returning student and time has lapsed since your last lesson, please send in a new application, in full. See above.


Complete applications will be answered within two weeks by Felicia's assistant Sam who can also help you with general questions. If you should be offered a spot please be ready to accept within 48 hours via Pay Pal

Terms and Conditions for Classes and Workshops with Felicia Forte.


Students Testimonials

"What a priceless experience! Felicia is professional, knowledgeable, and always offers helpful instruction. Her lessons were detailed, challenging, and helpful. The lessons improved my own professional practice, as well as aided my own teaching profession in ways that I will be applying for years to come. I am thankful for the opportunity!" -Sincerely, Rebecca Hoadley

“This was a terrific experience learning from Felicia! Being new to oil as a medium, I knew that her method of alla prima painting was how I wanted to learn and was excited when I had the opportunity to take her online lessons! Each week’s lesson was well curated to my strengths and weaknesses, Felicia has a great eye and can pinpoint the things I needed to work on almost instantly. She has a clear and easy to understand way of explaining techniques, color theories, composition, how to make correct marks etc. I also really appreciated the economy of our chats. Felicia comes prepared, and it is 30 minutes of focused dialogue about that weeks lesson, expectations, Q&A and things to work on next, all in a very down to earth, friendly way. I look forward to taking more lessons and visiting one of her workshops!" -DJ S. USA

“I was a bit nervous about studying with Felicia, as I admire her work so much and didn’t really know what to expect. However, I needn’t have worried as she is very down to earth. She is a great teacher, who really showed me where I could improve and taught me to slow right down and look properly. The best compliment I can give is that every time I paint now I think about what Felicia would say! I feel a much more confident painter now and am having my first solo exhibition in a week’s time.” -Kristin R. UK

“My experience with Felicia's online instruction was a breakthrough moment in my practice. Felicia's dedication and patience was the key to open visual spaces in me. I admire her work and I felt very excited when listening to her advice being so clear and on point. The love for strokes, the deep study of color palette, the sensitivity in proportions and composition, all those elements that allowed me to deepen and expand my possibilities as a painter and for that, I am very grateful. Felicia is an amazing teacher because she is humble and shares, her knowledge is a platform from which her sudents can jump from beyond ourselves, that's priceless. I hope to be able to take more online courses with her since she is one of my favourite contemporary artists.” -Mariela A. Argentina

“Having admired Felicia’s work through Instagram for years,  I finally decided I should learn from her approach to oil painting and I’m so glad I did. She not only tailored the assignments to what I specially needed to learn, but she was more than generous in helping me understand her processes. I highly recommend her.” -Mike L. USA

“I had a great time taking [Felicia’s] online classes. She is easy going, explains great and makes sure that you understand. Gives honest critic and explains how to work with your weakness. I highly recommend her online class.” -Frank F.  Sweden

"I want to say thank you for your personalized instruction in the online oil paint program. I really felt that you gaged my needs and tailored your lessons  to improve my skills in those areas. I realized shortcomings I didn't know I had! And I'm growing as an artist because of the attention I'm giving to accuracy. Thanks for your help!"  -Jenny G. USA


"I completed 8 online lessons with Felicia between July 2017 and February 2018. When I look back on the way I drew and painted before these lessons, I realize I truly had forgotten a lot of what I learned in college, and even then, had not learned much. I feel inspired to continue painting more often than I ever have, and Felicia gave me many tools that will help me continue practicing and improving on my own. She is an excellent teacher who designs lessons based on her students’ needs and interests. I really appreciated that she was both encouraging and honest, and that she guides her students to ultimately find their own preferences, process, and interests in painting."   -Christy K. USA


"What? My drawing "flabby!!!”  Of course Felicia was right.  I admired the clarity of her vision and the power of her deceivingly simple method, so I was willing to take it back to the floor boards and re-examine my technique. Through her purposeful homework, the root of my errors became alarmingly clear, while her step by step method helped me to redirect my efforts in a more productive way.  I am so grateful for her direct, no-nonsense, muscular assessments and focus. Just four lessons gave me plenty of grist for the mill, which I will endeavor to keep running on a timer with FOCUS and intention.  Thank you Felicia!".   -Chrissanth G. USA


"When I asked you about finding my voice, you told me to paint what I love. I hear that in my head regularly now. I guess I always have been, but now I feel more confident about doing it and it's bringing me more joy while I'm doing it. Thank you for that."  -Michelle S. USA


"Felicia's brilliance as a teacher matches the mastery seen in her work. She is incredibly insightful and tailored exercises to help me with my weaknesses. I will definitely continue to study with her even though she has left me with years worth of inspiration and guidance."  Seabastion T. Australia


"For struggling artists such tutoring is invaluable. Felicia's assignments and feedback provide a solid and direct problem-solving approach which helps not only to make better paintings but also to have much more fun during the process. She knows very well what an aspiring painter should focus on and she clearly sees individual capabilities of her students. After 4 weeks of studying I have found myself standing on the solid ground of confidence - ability to analyze and comprehend your own process and find out the solutions of the problems is a very precious tool to have. I am looking forward to study with her again."  -Arthur G.  Thailand and Russia


"I really enjoyed studying online with Felicia. The assignments were tailored to my skill level and goals, and she developed challenging and meaningful exercises. Felicia's instruction and feedback was clear and practical. I greatly advanced my skills and knowledge through my time working with Felicia and I look forward to the opportunity to do so again. "     -Melissa B, Canada


“Felicia always brings up a new challenge on every new assignment, and it is really rewarding to face it every week and get all the valuable and precise comments from her. She’s totally teaching me how to think and work on an organized and independent manner. This is powerful knowledge that will stick for good.”     -Rodrigo G, Brazil


"Felicia's Online Tutoring was one of the best opportunities I have had in a long time. She provided a solid base and understanding of the fundamentals in which I need to grow as an artist. But not only that, I learned how to critically think as an artist. I can now confidently give myself assignments to work towards goals, instead of painting with no purpose. That in itself is one of the most freeing, self-satisfying attributes of Felicia's guidance."   -Ethan A, USA


"I have been in a number of Felicia’s workshops and regular sessions in SF. Her demos were the most invaluable part of those sessions: when she paints and talks out loud (rather softly) in a stream of consciousness about what she sees, what she intends to do, and how to solve problems that she sees. When she moved to Detroit, I thought it was the end of my good fortune, learning from and having access to the insights of this amazing artist, but I am now in my second month of her online course. Each 30 min. Skype session has exceeded my expectations of what an online studio class can offer. For an uninterrupted half hour, Felicia gives feedback specific to my work and, more importantly, we have an unhurried dialogue about the topic at hand. When I am in class with a model, I tend to be very task-oriented. But during these Skype sessions, I don't have any work-in-progress that requires urgent care, therefore I can be more thoughtful in listening to what she says and in asking questions. I then have the rest of the week to practice and contemplate what I've learned. The one-on-one attention also ensures that assignments are very much catered to my learning needs."      -Yi S, USA


"I just wanted to say thank you for teaching me how to properly paint. You've taught me more than my entire college education."  -Cedric C. USA


"The 4 weeks of online tutoring I had with Felicia were hugely beneficial to my progress as an artist. I feel that I learned a lot in a short time because the lessons were perfectly tailored to my goals. Felicia's critiques were very thoughtful and specific. I now have a set of exercises that I can repeat to continue improving my skills. Felicia is a rare gem in that she is as talented a teacher as she is an artist! I'm looking forward to studying with her again."   -Ashley C. USA


"Taking Felicia's online class was invaluable to me. The assignments and personal critiques were tailor precisely what I needed. Many of her responses to my questions were eye-opening. I look forward to taking her class again."   Marlene L.  USA